How do they make money?

How do they make money?

“Earth... as Phianse’s fiancé...... you mean that?”

“Ah. You see...... Long ago, we were drunk and made a joke.... Phianse happened to be listening and took it seriously, but at the time, I passed it off as the fancy dreams of a cute kid.”

Then, with a little embarrassment, Hiro talked to Solja about the future of their children.

In response to the question, Solja smiled bitterly.

“Haha, Phianse is serious even after turning fifteen... I mean, with the graduation approaching and coming to check with me many times, she wants to announce it in upcoming games.”

“Seriously...? How are you~. Earth hasn’t been told yet, but... you fine with this?”

“It’s okay. Rather, I would be happy if it would be so. Our children bound together, and everyone being in the family.... I believe it would be wonderful.... After that, their love for one another... It would be so moving to everyone around.”

“Dahahaha, but if you say so, I’d be thrilled, but... it’s just, the guy... to be honest, he’s fallen for Sadiz.”

“What about Sadiz?”

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”...... that girl, [If Little man becomes aware of the princess’s feelings and seriously considers it, yet still chooses me... we may runaway together ?] she said.... with that vicious smile of hers.”

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“T-That’s a problem...”

“Well, to be honest, I don’t know how serious Sadiz is.... also, she’s pretty twisted.”

Such was the discussion among adults that Earth himself was unaware of.

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It was a scene of two men who talked about a peaceful and happy future while holding their heads in worry.

Then, at that moment.