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“How’s the situation?” Li Yada asked.

Tang Yishu hesitated for a moment. “There are a lot of bugs in this game… so I asked him to go back and fix the bugs before coming back.”

Li Yada was a little surprised. “Huh? Isn’t this game already online? Why are there still so many bugs?”

“That doesn’t make sense, right?”

Tang Yishu twiddled her fingers. “I… I’m not sure either.”

Li Yada nodded. “Perhaps the other companies are not as good as Tengda in all aspects, so the testing team is not very good. It’s alright, you did the right thing.”

“It’s normal for there to be one or two bugs in the game. However, there are so many bugs that it affects the normal game flow. That can only mean that this company’s work cannot be done properly. The testing department is not doing their job. There’s a problem with internal management.”

“If there are so many bugs that it affects players’ normal experience, they should not be released. Instead, they should be modified until there are no bugs before going up. It’s right to dissuade them.”

“It’s alright. This is just one company. Let’s look for another one.”

Li Yada had an ominous feeling even though she said that.

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That was because the first company had a game that had already been released. Logically speaking, there should be fewer bugs.

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The second company’s game was still being developed.

The game called ‘Blade of the Empire’ was almost done. There was only the final finishing work left. The testing work was definitely ongoing, but the completeness would definitely not be as good as the projects that had been released.

There was a high chance that there would be more bugs than Heroic Song, which was a copy of Bloody Battle Song.