what is the money market

what is the money market

Even though I was slowly chipping away at her will to go on, she still bore fangs at me as she tried what she could to bite back.

“I think I understand what you’ve been trying to say.”

While I didn’t know the exact details of the situation, there was at least one thing that I had ascertained throughout all of this.

After a few moments of mulling it over internally, I finished sorting out my thoughts and began to speak.

“Nanase, you don’t have multiple personalities, nor did someone else’s personality take over you.”

“Like I said, if you think『I’m』joking, then please, be my guest. But there’s no getting around the fact that『I’m』the one right here in front of you.”

She raised her voice in denial as she stamped her feet into the ground.

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But, that and that alone was proof enough it didn’t exist.

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“No, it’s unfortunate, but I just don’t believe you. If this alternate personality of yours hadn’t been someone who actually existed elsewhere, then I suppose that I might’ve been able to believe you. However, you’re saying that ‘Matsuo Eiichiro’, a person who exists here in real life, has gone and borrowed your body. And sorry, but that’s just far too unrealistic.”

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“If… If that’s the case, then how do you explain『my』presence here!?”

There was no need to think very hard about the answer to that. It truly wasn’t very complicated.

“You just took the liberty to dream up another personality inside of yourself. The reason you deliberately chose to change from using ‘Watashi’ to『Boku』was to remind yourself of that.”

Nanase was, fundamentally, a nonviolent person.

She didn’t like the thought of using violence and force to make her opponents submit to her.

Even so, since she had to fight, she had no choice but to conjure up a personality to do the fighting for her.

Or, put more simply, she had no choice but to ‘act out’ this personality.

“More than anything else, this force, this power is proof that『I’m』real!”

With that, her fist came flying at me, no doubt faster and stronger than any punches she had thrown before the change.