What can be written in the Internet to write novels?

What can be written in the Internet to write novels?

Green represented healthy, yellow meant danger, and red meant out of control.

The staff also had a small remote control in their hand. If a tourist were to appear in his field of vision, he could directly change the heart rate calculation up to make it red faster.

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Once it turned red, the tourists would not be able to activate the spell through the wristbands anymore. On the contrary, if a tourist with a red wristband appeared within a certain distance of other tourists, there would be a ‘contagious’ phenomenon where the wristbands of other tourists would also turn from green to yellow and then to red.

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However, the game also had a corresponding ‘safe house’ design in the game. Some specific areas could only be entered by normal tourists, but tourists with red wristbands and staff could not enter the area. In this area, the wristbands would not be affected by the outside world.

Therefore, it was very stupid for a tourist with red wristbands to stare at other tourists to infect them. The best method was still to scare others and spread the infection.

If the players escaped within the time limit, then all the ‘healthy’ tourists win; if the players fail to escape within the time limit, then the victory would be in the hands of the ‘out of control’ tourists.

Fifteen minutes later, Qiao Liang and the rest left the exit with yearning expressions on their face.

“How interesting, I’m even a little hooked! I want to try it again!” “I did not have enough of it yet. The sense of substitution is quite strong. It’s a little like playing Be Quiet live!”

“That staff really knows his thing. I heard him coming so I quickly hid into the cabinet. He knew I was in the cabinet so he deliberately wandered around and looked through the cracks of the cabinet. My heart was beating so fast in fear that my wristband became yellow!”

“Old Qiao, you’re such a scumbag! You actually came out to chase us after your band turned red. Are you still a human?” “That’s right, we almost cleared it, but you came out to stir sh*t. My wristband was originally yellow, but it turned red after I was scared by you so I could only join you.”

“That’s the rules of the game. The fact is that I won, so?” Qiao Liang retorted.

Everyone said that they had never seen someone so brazen! He might be despised by everyone, but Qiao Liang himself had fun.

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He could now understand why so many tourists immediately rejoined the queue after playing it once because it was really addictive!

As a game UP Master, Qiao Liang could see many mature design concepts from the design of this project.