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Pei Qian looked at He Desheng and said, “It looks good for a start, but I want to ask you something… how do you think the application will breakthrough in the future?”

After some consideration, He Desheng replied, “Breakthrough… I think it’ll be in its ability to establish social interaction!”

“Huh?” Pei Qian frowned, immediately becoming cautious.

However, He Desheng did not seem to realize the change in Boss Pei’s expression. Instead, he continued speaking. “Promoting social interaction would undoubtedly be the way we can expand and strengthen the application as quickly as possible in the future!

“Our application only has average figures for now, and high school students and parents think that it’s mediocre. However, it’s a hit among university students!

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“Flunkies and top students alike very seriously fill in their details and upload photographs onto the application. Moreover, the probability of them meeting someone of the opposite sex is higher than that of meeting someone of the same sex.

“That means that our application offers an opportunity for social interaction. If we make good use of this…”

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Pei Qian frowned, finding that something was amiss.

That was a huge hidden danger! Pei Qian had no doubt that many people were deeply interested in ‘study gods’ and ‘study goddesses’. Lonely male and female top students who were passionate about studies would probably also not be able to resist their better-looking schoolmates…

If he allowed this situation to develop, the application would become a matchmaking one for students, right?!

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At that moment, Pei Qian immediately stopped He Desheng. “You’re right.” He Desheng’s eyes lit up, feeling like he had just been validated by Boss Pei. Pei Qian, “This is indeed a huge danger!”

He Desheng’s eyes widened as he looked at Pei Qian quizzically.

Pei Qian could not be bothered about his astonishment as he said, “We cannot allow these evil influences to fester!”

He Desheng felt slightly lightheaded. “Huh? Why not?”

Very somberly, Pei Qian answered, “The danger is too huge! In the short term, we can use that as an avenue to gain more popularity.

“However, in the long-term, that would generate safety hazards in our application. Many users on the application would also have impure motives. That would affect the environment in the entire platform and be the downfall of its reputation! We’ll even lose our core users!

“Thus, we have to avoid this at all costs.

“Modify the application at once. The next version should have a few more features, and the design of the personal info page should be edited. Users cannot upload their photographs or display their gender. People cannot write any comments they want about themselves. Instead, they have to choose from the limited options that we will provide.