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An indescribable large sense of fulfillment welled up from the bottom of my stomach.

Then I asked one of the employees to take the ring out of the glass case.

It seems to be a pretty popular product.

Luckily, one was left on display, and the size was perfect.

「We’re lucky today, Ria.」


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After that, when we lined up together at the register to pay for it,

「Ara, is it a present for your girlfriend?」

A female employee that’s about 30 years old with calm air surrounding her, asked so with a gentle expression.

「Eh, ah… No, we’re still… umm…」

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I was troubled as to how to answer, whereas Ria came closer to my side with her face flushed.

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The employee who witnessed that, whispered「Oh, I see I see…」

「Fufu, I hope it works out.」

She said that and handed me the ring in a beautiful little box.

Then we stepped out of the store and moved to the back alley where there are fewer people.

I was really embarrassed to give the present while being seen by people.

(–All right, there’s no one here.)

After making sure that we were out of the public eye, I exhaled loudly.