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Housen dedicates a few words of admiration to Tsubaki, who has come with a powerful weapon.

"I hadn't told Utomiya, but are you against the plan?"

“…… No. Rather, I thought that making bad plays was pointless… I have been observing Ayanokouji in my own way, and it is not just a coincidence that he has been the subject of 20 million. I think it's because it's clearly a rarity that he was the goal.

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Even if you try to catch him within the rules, he will surely evade you. I have no right to stop you if you are willing to. "

Utomiya was not opposed to violence, but was concerned about the lack of expectations. If Tsubaki took full responsibility, the situation would be different. If Housen, Utomiya and the others were just the ones used, the story would be different. The school is unlikely to have dozens of expulsions, although they can be sanctioned in some way.

“I'm sure it's difficult to get Ayanokouji-senpai to drop out of school suddenly. I think that is why it was prepared on this uninhabited island, where the eyes of surveillance do not reach, as a setting. "

"I see. So it is not a coincidence. "

Housen closed the map screen on his tablet once and switched to recording mode.

"Do you mean that only you came up with the plan to violently withdraw Ayanokouji? Tsubaki. "

"That is a question?"

"If we follow you, no one will be expelled from our first year. Can you guarantee it?"

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“I promise. And if something happens, I'll take the blame. " When he hears this, Housen is satisfied and ends the recording.

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"Did you take the recording correctly? Is it not safe to have my testimony?" Housen smirks at Tsubaki's words, who sees right through him.

“And that? When are you going to do it?

“I can't tell you yet. I cannot easily divulge that information. "

"Can't you trust me? I appreciate your secrecy, but I won't be able to help you."