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Lin Canrong felt comforted as he nodded. “Alright, Boss Pei.”

Ai, it’s so rare for bosses to be like Boss Pei, who is so easy-going and has complete trust in his employees!

Pei Qian felt speechless.

D*mn it, Lin Canrong. I came here in a good mood, ready to have a good meal. Why are you trying to hurt me like that?

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I’m in enough pain knowing that Ming Yun Private Kitchen has become popular. Now, you’re rubbing salt in my wounds. Just wait. You’ll be in my first-place-elimination system soon!

A while later, the employees of Shang Yang Games arrived.

When he saw Ye Zhizhou, Wang Xiaobin, and Lin Wan-his beloved generals-Boss Pei could not help but smile.

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These are my good employees!

Ever since I bought Shang Yang Games, it has been burning money on my behalf. I even managed to burn over ten million yuan by producing Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version.

These results were outstanding to Boss Pei.

Everyone in Ming Yun Private Kitchen, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, and Tengda is only interested in making money for me. All of them should learn from you guys!

Pei Qian stopped short of rewarding outstanding employees in Shang Yang Games and inviting employees of Tengda’s group of companies to learn from them.

Pei Qian looked pleased as a punch-as he gestured for everyone to take their seats.

As the backbone of Shang Yang Games, Ye Zhizhou, Wang Xiaobin, and Lin Wan had been invited to Ming Yun Private Kitchen once before. However, this was the first time for many other employees of Shang Yang Games.

Pei Qian did not trust Shang Yang Games before; that was why he had not treated them like his own employees. He wanted to give himself some time to observe them.

Now, the observation period was almost over. Everyone in Shang Yang Games had successfully burned enough money to earn Boss Pei’s appreciation and favor.

After this, Pei Qian planned to invest more money in the company so that he could happily incur losses!

Everyone took their seats.

The dining tables in the hall had already been changed. Before this, the hall was filled with tables for two, arranged far apart from one another. Now, there was a big, round table in the center of the hall which could seat more than twenty people. The other employees were sent into various private rooms.