Can I make money on the online brush?

Can I make money on the online brush?

Pei Qian smiled. “That’s easy to handle.

“We can enter an agreement with clubs from the beginning, stipulating that if they break any of our regulations, they would have to pay a fine and be suspended from joining competitions.

“If the clubs do not accept our supervisory powers, they would not be eligible to join the GOG league. They can withdraw if they want, but we would act as intermediaries to buy their GOG teams and sell them to other clubs that are interested in entering the GOG league.”

In other words, clubs would be free not to accept DGE’s supervisory role, but DGE would then leave them out of the league altogether.

Clubs would be free to participate in other esports events, but their GOG teams would be bought over and sold to other clubs. They would be prevented from suffering any material loss, but they could forget about entering the inner circle unless they submitted to the supervision of DGE.

As for why Pei Qian was putting such rules in place, there were three main factors.

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First, insisting on standard form contracts and forbidding dual contracts or additional terms was aimed to prevent the clubs from resorting to small tricks.

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Many clubs offered sky-high prices, not because they thought the athletes were worth sky-high prices, but because many traps had been set.

For example, one of the most common phenomena was clubs and livestream platforms splitting the payment with athletes. In actual fact, the athletes would be forced to stick to certain requirements for their livestreams. That was akin to clubs and livestream platforms overdrawing on the athletes’ future commercial value.

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It may seem like the athletes are earning profits, but it would not be true.

Still, the transfer fee would be raised, and the DGE Club would still earn much more money selling each athlete than it had before. That would be too unbearable.

Thus, if everyone resorted to fewer tricks and acted more sincerely, the high transfer fee would only sound pleasing to the ears. In reality, it would achieve no effect.