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"I'd like some time to think about putting your sister in the student council and manipulating her from behind".

"So you'll consider it?".

"So you came expecting me to turn you down. I'll look bad if I don't at least think it through".

By showing him this unexpectedly positive reaction, the older Horikita felt disbelief. However, he did tell me his contact number without any hesitation. It's probably proof that he's just that wary of Nagumo Miyabi's student council.

"If I ever consider cooperating with you, I'll contact you".

"I'll be waiting without any expectations".

In the end, the older Horikita never sat down and never took a sip of the tea before leaving my room.

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"I don't think there's a need to be so hung up over the student council though".

It's pointless worrying about a person who's about to graduate in a few months but I still felt some concern.

Late at night on Saturday, news that falling snow has been observed in this region for the first time circulated. It appears the snow that had only fallen slightly melted away in the morning but remnants of it remained behind as a puddle of water on the concrete.

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Furthermore, despite the fact that it had snowed on the previous day, the highest temperature for the day was only 24 degrees Celsius, roughly the temperature of a summer day.

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This sort of weather would allow you to go out with short sleeves without it being a problem.

"The second semester's finally over next week, huh? I really don't have much time awareness".

On Sunday, I went to check on Akito in the morning while he's in the middle of his club activities. And on the way back, I invited Akito and together with the Ayanokouji Group, we hung out at Keyaki Mall until evening.

We went shopping randomly, talked idly at the cafe. Then we had lunch and had fun at the karaoke.

It was a day where I had fun doing what ordinary students usually do.