Is it true that I bought it online?

Is it true that I bought it online?

Wang Xiaobin: “No, I haven’t decided what to do actually. I will certainly use your plan since it is so good. Moreover, Tengda Games is developing ‘Destiny and Choice’. I can use many art resources from it so the workload isn’t that big.”

Zhu Xiaoce was very happy. “Alright, I will send you a summary of the story soon. Let’s release it in the downloadable content of Ocean Stronghold!”

October 13th, Thursday...

Tengda Headquarters...

Assistant Xin led Qiu Hong to the guest room and poured him his drink.

“Please have some tea; Boss Pei will be here soon.”

Qiu Hong nodded hurriedly. “Sure, sure.”

Qiu Hong drank his tea while yearning for the Tengda Games after Assistant Xin left the guest room.

Qiu Hong had been preparing to contact his friends in the circle, wanting to regroup and start another company to develop new projects after he gave his lectures to ‘Boss Ma’.

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However, he had yet to decide what project it should be, which naturally could not convince any investors to invest in the projects.

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Qiu Hong did accumulate a lot of wealth through Krypton Gold Online Games, but he had basically exhausted everything when he failed in his own business previously.

The cultural industry was highly subjective, especially more so in the game industry.

When one succeeded, one would be smug, and they would feel right in everything. However, when one failed, one would fall into deep self-doubt and feel worthless.