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A certain ‘something’ was necessary in order to get the other party to accept you as their partner. That ‘something’ could be all sorts of things like private points, trust, friendship, or even obligation.

“The face and name of Class 2-B’s Ichinose Honami have already become well-known amongst many of the first-year students. The anxious students will flock to her, and I’m certain that she’ll live up to their expectations.”


They wouldn’t bother with trying to approach a class like ours that they didn’t even know anything about.

“But, even if we can’t replicate that dazzling approach of hers, we still have options.”

Apparently, Horikita had gleaned some sort of idea from this meet-and-greet event.

The key to this probably had to do with how she was constantly looking at the first-year students as she used the OAA app.

It didn’t seem like Horikita had any intention of leaving just yet, as she continued to observe the first-years.

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I wasn’t the only one watching her observe the first-years either, as a large figure showed up beside her.

“But you know what I think? Every last one of ‘em looks damn wimpy to me.”

Next to Horikita, Sudō thoughtlessly shared his own impression of the first-years he had been looking at.

He had originally planned to head straight to his club activities after class today, but the school had accepted Ichinose’s request to hold a meet-and-greet and hastily decided that it’d be held in the gymnasium until 5:00, so he had asked to accompany Horikita to the event instead.

Horikita had flatly turned him down, saying that he didn’t need to come, but he probably thought it was fine to come since he’d be heading to the gym later on either way.

“Don’t glare at them for no reason. We gain nothing by scaring them.”