Is online game making money reliable?

Is online game making money reliable?

“Th, this guy... don’t tell me.”

“Ahaha... sorry~... well, for me and Amae, when our parents died, Mr. Machio is like an older brother... like a dad. To Amae, Mr. Machio is the strongest in the world. I think~ “

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“Hee... Well, then you’ll have to be sad in three months... but...... I see...”

Somehow, I heard a little of Amae and Karui’s sad past without delay.

Well, I didn’t say anything more to Amae’s words.

“Well, I’m going now! Oh, Amae.”

When I signaled Amae that we were going home right away because my business was done, she nodded and jumped on my back.

Karui also smiled at Amae’s manner.

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“Oh! Amae~, splendid, you’ve let your guard down around big brother quite a bit. This guy~, if you got her to trust you right away, you’ll soon have the senior girls of this school latching on to you!”

“Hey, hey, you’re outrageously forthright... aren’t you interested in that José guy too?”

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“Nyahahahaha, aren’t you saying too much? Well, me and senior José.... come on, I’m sure he’s an amazing guy, but the High Priestess is far more amazing, I’m not interested in romance right now...... or rather, I don’t think senior José is that cool.”

I don’t really get the appeal of that black-haired guy... I wonder...... all the same, he might be the most decent guy in this country.