Online in the software brush vibrato money is it true

Online in the software brush vibrato money is it true

“Hedgehog is using its ult, not good; let’s retreat first!”

“Protect Boss Ma! Hurry!”

Pei Qian stopped and looked at Ma Yang who was striking his keyboard passionately. It felt like deja vu.

Wasn’t the scenario similar to the first time he stepped into Dream Realization Ventures?

Ma Yang brought everyone into the fight of Gods Rising. That brought Pei Qian to tears, but the end result was Ma Yang buying 20%!o(MISSING)f Finger Games shares with the operation rights for domestic servers. Pei Qian nearly fainted on the spot in anger.

However, Dream Realization Ventures began investing earnestly after that. They might not be serious projects, but they were all successful in terms of results.

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It was an incredible failure to Boss Pei while they were on the right track in the eyes of outsiders.

It had been a long time since the people gathered to play games in Dream Realization Ventures.

Pei Qian could not help but feel moved looking at Old Ma who once vowed to share his worries and was now battling in GOG.

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Old Ma was really sharing his worries, good brother!

Using games to hold on to these people in Dream Realization Ventures and not let them make money by investing indiscriminately... wasn’t that sharing my worries? This brother might think differently, but the results were correct.

Pei Qian was happy for less than five minutes before he suddenly felt a sense of crisis again. The smile on his face quickly faded.

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Not right, he had to clear the mines before being baited by this sweet honey!

Last time, it was because of the relaxation of vigilance that the acquisition of Finger Games happened.

Pei Qian immediately became serious and raised his guard up before coming to Ma Yang’s back. He saw another familiar figure before he could manage to speak. Zhang Yuan was sitting opposite Ma Yang, playing the game intensively as well.

That’s not right; what was this guy here for?

Pei Qian was slightly confused. “Zhang Yuan? Aren’t you busy with the club? Why are you here?”

Zhang Yuan had been playing games with full concentration before and only noticed Boss Pei now. “Ah, Boss Pei!”

The others also noticed him and stood up hurriedly.