Why is the summer vacation to make money online?

Why is the summer vacation to make money online?

Then they connected Metro Line 7 westwards and southwards to the original Great World Shopping Mall. However, there would be an additional metro station exit at Golden Prosperity Square.

Great World was originally connected to the high-speed rail station through metro line 2. This was equivalent to taking the high-speed rail south station, changing at an interchange to reach the snack market and the Thriller Hostel.

Of course, they could also connect to the airport express rail through other routes.

In addition, there was an additional metro project along south metro line 4. There would be a new stop at Ming Yun Villas.

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Line 4 was also connected to line 2 and could reach the high-speed rail south station.

In the future, various E-Sports Clubs would have another choice in taking the metro from to the high-speed rail station other than by car.

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There were only two lines directly related to Tengda’s industry, but there were also indirect ones.

Previously, Pei Qian had more or less deliberately avoided the existing metro routes when choosing locations for various physical stores.

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The new metro naturally had to be fixed where there was no existing metro. It was inevitable that they would bump into each other.

Many branches of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Fish-Catching Take-Out, Sloth Apartments, Deposit Fitness, and other physical industries appeared along the new metro line.

He could not count exactly how many there were.

“What the f*ck...”

Pei Qian fell into a daze. He was struck by lightning!

Even though the metro had to be built over five years, it was not a particularly long time!

What’s more, Thriller Hostel and the snack market were connected to the metro. Traffic was more convenient. Several buildings in the snack market and Sloth Apartments were affected by the metro lines. The property prices would probably increase. The fixed assets would probably skyrocket during this settlement cycle!

Of course, he could not tell exactly how much it would increase. He would only know when the settlement began.

However, the explosion of fixed assets meant that the upper limit of the amount of money he could lose was reduced. What a huge loss!