Can I put money on online?

Can I put money on online?

Later on, as they lost players, the forum slowly settled down as well. Still, most of the new posts there were people criticizing the officials.

However, after updating the game this time, the entire forum looked very different!

Before, people posted curses at the chief planner every day. Now, there was none to be seen. Players were discussing how to form guilds, prepare for wars, and trying to solve other problems in the game.

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Ye Zhizhou read these posts and the conversations in his guild in disbelief. He started to think hard about how all of these happened.

“Could it be… a resurrection?” Ye Zhizhou finally understood.

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The original Bloody Battle Song was a pool of still water. In order to maintain the business, Old Liu and Du Ruijie had tried all ways and means to salvage the situation, but the game was beyond cure.

Conflicts between gamers and the design team, as well as whales and ordinary players, had already reached their extremes. There was no way these conflicts could be dealt with.

Later on, due to the high paywalls, they lost huge groups of ordinary gamers. There was no way the remaining players could continue their group activities within the game. No matter how much whales paid if there was nobody to play the game with them, the money would not seem worth it.

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Thus, ordinary players left, and whales followed. Only a small group of old players hung on. The game continued to slip down the slippery slope.

However, now, all the purchase options had been taken away. Only the basic strength potion remained.

This unassuming change was life-changing for the environment of the game!

To ordinary gamers—without many paywalls in the game, they could now afford to play it. The items that they could only get if they paid actual money before were now being given out for free. In the new server, they now had the opportunity to experience what it used to be like for whales that could fight multiple enemies at once.