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How to sell virtual products online

“The heck? You really saying something tiny like that is gonna stress them out?”

“Class B is probably gonna laugh at us, calling our actions childish. As long as we don’t actually do them any harm, they’ll just choose to drop it. That’s the type of person Ichinose is. In the end, she won’t even notice what we’re doing.”

“…What we’re doing?”

“Either way, that’s just the plan for the first week. Once their ten events get announced, we’ll start cranking up the heat. Any petty little thing’ll do. Taking their seats in the cafeteria, glaring ‘em down, accusing them of being loud. Anything goes, really, just don’t go overboard. You guys know the perfect people to do this, right?”

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Ryūen was saying that they should include the people who can hold their own in fights like Ishizaki.

“Does… Does that mean you want me to get into fights with them?”

“Our goal is just to interact with them more. Don’t even think of threatening or fighting them at this point. We’ll save that as a trump card we can pull on them at the very end.”

It was necessary to keep everything they did as vague and abstract as possible.

If they went about creating a bunch of one-sided problems, there’d be no way of preventing the school from intervening.

“The most important part of all of this is information. Throughout all our interactions with ‘em, we’ll steal their intel and get a head start on figuring out which events they’re gonna choose on exam day. It’s natural that they’ll come to some sort of consensus on their 5 events from pretty early on. Then some dumbass’ll discuss these events over email or group chat. It’s the same kinda shit you guys’ll be doing in Class D, right?”

“Y-yes. We’ve also tried to find a good time to discuss which events we’d be going with.”

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“There you go. Even if their lips are sealed, their phones will be left defenseless. After all, they probably think there’s no way somebody would snoop through them without permission. And, their policy will become more solidified as the exam approaches. We may even be able to find out who’ll be participating in each event.”

“That’s easy to say and all, but… is it actually going to go that smoothly?”

“We won’t be relying on luck, I’ll be guiding you guys through the specific details. The groundwork for all of this is the shit we start with them tomorrow. Besides, we’ll also be taking some other measures aside from just stealing info from ‘em. Like using this.”

“What the… is that a laxative?”

“This is a slow-acting laxative that begins to take effect after 48 hours. If we can trick some of ‘em into taking one of these, one or two of ‘em might not be feelin’ that good on exam day, eh?”

“Y-you. This type of crap is against the rules! What if it gets exposed!?”

“Who gives a shit?”