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"Shall I go on a rampage here then? If that's what you wish".

"I said too much. Please forgive me".

If the matter with Ibuki, Ishizaki and the others didn't exist, I would have probably already been beaten up and sent flying.

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This man here doesn't know fear.

Then, he learnt fear.

However, even so, Ryuuen would probably coolly stand up and fight here. He has more than enough potential to move forward even as he feels terrified. Of course, this only applies if he remembers to move forward and mature without dropping out of school.

"We've already settled the score between us. From now on, I won't bring up the incident on that rooftop. I promise you this is the last time. Now on top of that, let's talk".

Of course, Ryuuen won't believe mere verbal promises. At the very most, this is just being done pro forma, words meant to console him.

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"Suspicious. Even if we continue this conversation, it's pointless. I doubt anything beneficial to me can come from this, I'll be taking my leave".

Perhaps his discomfort index has risen, but he moves to leave.

"Not necessarily".

I stopped Ryuuen, who made a move to get up. The act of attempting to leave too, looking at it from Ryuuen's perspective, may be a strategy meant to draw out my words. It was precisely because he had thought something was up that he left the dorm this early in the morning. He probably had no intention of going back empty-handed in the first place.

Then, without looking at me, Ryuuen sat back down.

"You're free to interpret what I'm about to say in any way you like. However, from now on, don't you think it'll be boring if simple battles continue on endlessly?".

Towards me, who kept on continuing with the riddle-like questions, Ryuuen seemed frustrated but immediately replied.

"Simple battles, you say?".

"Class D beats Class C, then beats Class B and finally beats Class A. Then joyously, Horikita and the others become Class A. For a story outline, it seems like the popular, easy way out. But, what I'm saying is that we don't need to be hung up on such patterns".

If this were a simple, adventure action picture, we may have properly struck in order of weakness. However, this is reality. There is no such thing as a sequence when it comes to battles.

We're free to start attacking from A or B. It is not out of the question for us to join hands with C, who happens to be our enemy, as well.