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The importance of crushing the head is the same whether it's war or sports. Ryuuen's tactics aren't half bad. Seeing that situation, the first ones to act in her support were Karuizawa and the cavalry under her command. Shinohara dashed there while supporting Karuizawa, who's the center. However, the one who got in their way was Class B's general horseman, Ichinose.

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Unlike Class A, Class B is properly following Class C as they take independent action.

Running into one another, it's Karuizawa vs. Ichinose.

The ones who initiated the attack were Karuizawa and the others.

I suppose that's inevitable, given that they need to settle this as quickly as possible to support the targeted Horikita. The three girls supporting Karuizawa aren't particularly athletic. At best, it's a horse built from cooperation between close friends. On the other hand, Ichinose has utilized Class B's most prominent and talented people for her horse. They weren't afraid of Karuizawa's attack and with a movement surpassing hers, they dodged her attack.

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However, despite being able to make a direct attack, Ichinose's movements didn't seem as sharp. In response to her attack, Karuizawa was able to react well and return fire.

The coordination vs. maneuverability match, contrary to expectations, showed signs of dragging on.

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"This is a really good match!".

As the audience's excitement soared, the situation besides the two struggling horsemen began to change. Cheers burst forth. While I was busy watching Karuizawa and the others, one of the horsemen had their headband stolen away. It was Horikita. She was attacked simultaneously by four horsemen and no longer able to avoid their persistent attacks, she was finally crushed. She fell off her horse quite flashily and is now collapsed on the ground, trying to raise her upper body back up in frustration. However, in a situation like this, not even Sudou would have stood a chance of winning.

The cause of her defeat lies in Class A, who did not rush to aid her right away.

In any case, it's no use crying over spilt milk. Horikita's defeat marked the onset of a melee. Having lost a horseman and having Class B pursue them on top of it, Class D's unity wavered in an instant. Some fell off their horses and others had their headbands stolen away, and aside from Karuizawa, the other two horsemen resisted in vain before they were defeated.

Karuizawa, who had been fighting against Ichinose, momentarily ended up in an 8 vs. 1 scenario before, at the very end, she managed to steal away the headband from a different Class B horseman through a suicidal resolve and succeeded in ending that fight with a mutual kill. Having lost a horseman, Class C and Class B attacked the remaining Class A and wiped them out. As for the opposing team, they ended up losing only two horsemen as casualties.

Biting back her frustration, Horikita returned to our camp. Sudou calls out to her immediately.

"Don't worry about it. It was hopeless anyways, it's the others' fault for being too slow with their support".

" doesn't change the fact that I lost. I was swallowed up by that momentum of theirs".

Certainly, Class C gave off the feeling of obstinately aiming to defeat Horikita.