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“Sigh, even so, this game is still boring to me.”

“I get it, this girl’s brain crashed completely.”

Nina-senpai mumbled a bit dumbfoundedly. After I won the match, I slowly tilted my head and questioned.

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“Crashed…? Ahaha, what are you talking about, senpai? I’m Karen Tendou, the legendary Karen Tendou. The incarnation of all the elite elements in the world, Karen Tendou.”

“There’s already a lot of problems when you said that out loud by yourself. Sigh, but you’re indeed a strong-willed girl…”

“Yeah. So, what’s wrong with senpai, why are you acting like I’m a fragile little girl.”

“Uh, …y-yeah. Sorry, Tendou. I shouldn’t just assume that you lost your mind…”

“By the way, senpai, this brand of tissue tastes very well.”

“Get us a counsellor! This is an emergency! Get us an expert counsellor!”

Kase-senpai and Mizumi-kun immediately held both of my hands as Nina-senpai started to click on her smartphone. I tilted my head once again, then I smiled and spoke up softly.

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“I’m just kidding, everyone. How could I be serious.”

After I said that, everyone in the Game Club pressed their chest in relief. Then, I…announced loudly.

“It’s too vain to call me an incarnation of all the elite elements. Actually, …I’m the incarnation of all the failures in the world, Karen Tendou! Sigh, please everyone, JUST LET THIS POOR LITTLE GIRL EAT A PIECE OF TISSUE!”

“What a ridiculous way to show that you lost your mind!”