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These were all vague descriptions.

As for how the final product would look like...

Pei Qian couldn’t be bothered! The artists can do as they wish!

Next, Pei Qian handed the form to Ma Yang.

Ma Yang had already woken up by then.

However, after hugging the voluminous book for another two minutes, he looked as though he was about to fall back asleep.

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When he saw Pei Qian giving him the form, Ma Yang was rejuvenated as he tossed his book aside while peering down from the upper bunk and whispering, “Are we about to start working?”

Pei Qian nodded his head. “Fill the form. Make use of your imagination and fill it with unbridled boldness!”

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Ma Yang nodded his head furiously. “No problem!”

His passion for work was surging!

Ma Yang took a look at it – this was an art resource requirement form and there were quite a number of portions he had to fill in. But, the main point was to describe the requirements of the characters’ original arts.

Pei Qian had already decided on the theme – the three kingdoms.

There were only that number of characters within the three kingdoms. Pei Qian had listed 50 of them with 15 of them being rare cards, 25 of them being uncommon cards and 10 being common cards.

In terms of pricing for original art, there was quite a huge variation. A cheap one would be in the range of 800 yuan while an expensive one would range around 5,000.

If one were to head to an art school in a second or third tier city and look for a student there, they could get an original art at 100 yuan each.

If they wanted a famous artist to customize one for them, it wasn’t strange for one to cost up to 8,000 yuan either.

In any case, you get what you pay for.

Pei Qian was definitely not going to get a famous artist to customize his art even if that could have helped him to spend more money.

There was a chance that the popularity of those artists may bring about a publicity effect for the game instead!