2018 online earning team

2018 online earning team

His publicity video was meant to use GOG’s game graphics. If the training base could match the GPL team, what would happen?

It was basically a clear indication.

Meng Chang did not want to make it so obvious. Instead, it would stimulate the audience’s reverse psychology and have a certain negative effect.

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Therefore, it was best for him to set up the scene and secretly mock it. The scene might be very ugly if they really fell out. The clubs in GPL were all quite influential. For example, a large corporation like Shenhua was not something Meng Chang could afford to offend.

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Therefore, Meng Chang did not take this suggestion and decided to continue setting up the scenes himself.

What’s more, there were many benefits to setting up his own set. For example, he could make the living environment of the players more exaggerated. As long as he did not go overboard and ensure a certain degree of authenticity, the details that he deliberately arranged would emphasize the hardships of the players’ training.

Normally, no one would pursue such petty tricks. After all, they did not name which club it was.

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On the other hand, these problems would be very difficult to solve if they were to use a club that existed in reality. Meng Chang would have to bear the consequences if the big sponsor behind the club were to compete seriously.

Gao Ti had gone to deal with these matters. Meng Chang was also happy to be an overseer. He casually searched for recent news on the Internet.

“Eh? The ICL league seems to have started its publicity campaign?”

Meng Chang noticed that Long Yu Corporation and Finger Games seemed to be preparing for the IOI Champions League. Long Yu Corporation was spending a lot of effort to promote it.

At the moment, there were already many rumors, including ICL’s participating teams, the list of teams, the game version of the league, and so on.

It was obvious that Long Yu Corporation was behind all of this. Their goal was very simple. They wanted to warm up in advance and create a sense of anticipation for the audience.