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“Or am I missing something?

“Until now, not a single gamer has passed this step. Obviously, this is another puzzle for everyone to solve...”

At that moment, Pei Qian sat in his office, reading forums about how far the gamers had gone in solving the riddle.

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“...What the f*ck? They’ve found the clue in Game Designer so quickly?” It was a huge blow for him.

He had thought that he had hidden the clue in Game Designer well enough. He had thought it would take a long time for the gamers to find it.

That was because there were many endings in Game Designer. Few people ended up losing everything. Most would only have to make a few right choices to avoid it altogether.

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Coincidentally, that was the ending that Pei Qian liked and looked forward to the most. That was why he hid the second series of codes in the corner of the second last scene of that ending.

Yet, not long after the first series of codes had been solved, the second had been found and cracked at the speed of light!

Of course, that was mainly because Pei Qian had not used other encryption methods. There was only one additional step that was relatively simpler to solve—the Morse code.

Gamers who cracked the first code would just have to apply what they had learned to the second code.

Pei Qian had wanted to make it more complicated at first, but time had been too tight and Pei Qian had not had enough knowledge. Since he refused to ask for help, he had decided to slack off, in the hopes that people would not find the second series of codes so quickly.

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However, he had ended up slapping himself in the face. The gamers were too crazy!

On the bright side, there was still one-third of the riddle left. That was the last line of defense.

“It has to hang on!”

Pei Qian glanced at the calendar. There were still three weeks to settlement. It would be impossible to stop all gamers from buying Be Quiet, but as long as the riddle could prevent some gamers from purchasing the game before settlement, Pei Qian’s work would not be wasted!

After that, Pei Qian went online to see what the public had to say about Otto E1.

Two days had passed since the news conference. The first batch of reviewers’ videos and reports had been published, and the news conference’s popularity hit its peak yesterday.