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Shinobu quickly enters the scene and flies off with Fuuma.

However, the ogre landed hard on the ground, breaking the ground with its strength and opening a huge hole, and the ground shook like an earthquake had occurred.

If he had received something like that...

“Gaaaaaa.... Ugaaaaaaaaa!!”

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And he never stopped. The eyes of the beast no longer see anything, they just rampage as if they were destroying everything on the spot.

“Th-this is bad... Nii-san, everybody, we’ll retreat for the time being!”

“Shinobu... but...and...”

“You’re in no shape. Right now, there’s nothing to say in this situation with our downed companions!”

Anyway, Shinobu shouted at me that I should run away now.

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『There is no end to it. It cannot even hear your voice anymore. All consciousness and thought is lost, and it will not stop until all around is destroyed. Tis that kind of race.』


『Even though, tis surprising. I knew he was powerful, but did not know much about the owner of that power, so he did not leave a name for himself in history... he is comparable to the top-ranking officer of the Demon Army ‘Demon General Rokuha’, is he not?』