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Pei Qian made all the support facilities for Fish-Catching Take-Out exceed regular demand just to lose money previously. That included the number of stoves, tableware... number of delivery guys...

In the case where there were limited daily orders, one would be able to lose a lot the more one made it available. Take the delivery guys for example. There were always many delivery guys who were not in use.

However, all the delivery guys were gone!

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Pei Qian instantly realized that something went wrong!

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The Fish-Catching Take-Out had been idle for a long time but started to run at full speed!

Even though Rui Yuchen was immersed in work, he was also playing attention to the situation outside the store with the corner of his eye. That was how he immediately discovered Boss Pei.

“Boss Pei!”

Rui Yuchen was surprised and happy.

Obviously, Boss Pei was here to inspect!

The reason why he came here to inspect on purpose was simple. Boss Pei was probably worried that it would be difficult for Fish-Catching Take-Out to meet the demands of the customers after it soared. Therefore, he came to take a look!

Rui Yuchen took the lead and said, “Boss Pei, you can rest assured that, even though the demand for orders in the stores has skyrocketed, we have been making preparations like what you told us. There will be no explosive orders and delayed delivery!

“We will arrange for the store managers to prepare more ingredients, urgently recruit some new delivery guys, buy new tableware, etc. I promise to be able to meet the needs of the customer right away!”

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Pei Qian: “...”