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“... Ugh ... my wish ... please ... please ...”

And although there was no sign of flirtation at first glance, Elder Sis Tsukshi seemed to wish for my victory instead of Mr. Machio. She had a mysterious attitude of “I’d rather you didn’t win because I like you, Mr. Machio”, so I’m worried about the situation.

Certainly it’s embarrassing to think that you’re using it wrong, but.... I’ll find out what happens if I win....

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『Good start. Tis not the wrong way to use it, but a different way to use it.』

「Eh, i, is that any different?」

『Tis very different. In the first place, there is nothing wrong in doing things the right way. But if you only do it the right way, will you ever get to the top?』

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「Th, that’s...」

『The answer is no. Only a handful of people can stand on top. Tis also limited to those who have talent superior to others, such as Machio. Therefore, the untalented person can merely approach the top but not exceed the top by only doing things the right way.』

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While listening to words of Tre’ainar beside me that I shouldn’t worry about the eyes around me, I chuckled, thinking, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

Well, in short, it’s not enough to do the same thing as others, so I kept on going.

『For this reason... not within other people.... look at yourself.... for you desire to change of yourself... so it appears.』


When I heard Tre’ainar’s words with a slight grin, I turned back a little.

“Ku, this is tough.”

“Uooooh, w, will we get stronger with this?”