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“No, no, no, it’s not about looking forward or not, that’s a secret enough to scare me away, right!”

“That’s hard to say. I’ll give you a hint: ‘canned mackerel’ plays an essential role if you want to flirt with me.”

“That’s crazy! Since I can’t imagine the content at all, your pervert atmosphere is especially shocking!”

“How’s that? Is senpai interested, the Konoha Hoshinomori route?”

“Ugh, I’m actually ‘interested!’ But are you willing to be treated as a weirdo like that!”

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…I can even accept ‘canned mackerel’ just to seduce senpai!”

“Why are you saying that like ‘canned mackerel’ is my fetish! It’s more like, what the hell is ‘canned mackerel’ actually! How are you going to use canned mackerel-“

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“S-Senpai! You can’t keep saying the word ‘canned mackerel’ in public, right!”

“Ah, sorry for that, I- …No, wait, this isn’t right! ‘Canned mackerel’ isn’t something that arouses people, right!”

“I won’t be too sure of that. After all, some can grow up to 180 cm…”

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“Seriously, what are you going off about with a straight face. Sigh, …anyways, back to the topic.”

“Alright, where were we? Your lover just said something that meant a lot, and it’s so spicy that you can’t digest it. What should we do? That’s what we were talking about, right?”

“Mostly correct, but your phrasing is wrong! I was saying that I can’t accept the reason for breaking up!”

“Really. Well, although I want senpai to continue…”