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After seeing her reaction, I turned my head to the entrance too. I could hear from the way she was addressing him that the person was a guy, and…

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Wahh~~ … A stylish handsome boy...

My heart fell into a valley. How should I put this? If the one who came was a girl, I might still have a chance. I don’t know what kind of chance though. For example… the hope it would become a cliche romantic comedy?

But when things turned out this way, I really felt strongly that I am just a ‘complementary item’... Well, that wasn’t wrong, I was a background character from the very beginning.

On the other hand, that ‘Misumi-kun’ was a cheerful handsome boy that didn’t seem out of place… In other words, he had the aura of a main character, also…

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“Ah, sorry Tendo-san. And you are Amano-kun right? I’m late…”

The apologetic handsome boy lowered his head right after seeing us.

… Uwah, he is bowing really low一 He feels like a good person~~ ...Ah, that’s right…

I fell into despair in many areas as Tendo-san and I replied in unison: “Not at all.”

Tendo-san looked my way again.

“That’s right, I mentioned you to Misumi-kun this morning, but the time after class was too short, so I couldn’t tell you about Misumi-kun in time.”

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“Yes, I see…” As expected, she went to Misumi-kun first, then came to my place...

“Let me introduce again. He is Misumi Eiichi from Class O, in the second year just like us. I saw him playing games in the arcade and chatted him up. He was concentrating hard on playing a tetris-like puzzle game.”

Tendo-san’s introduction made Misumi-kun blush.

“Eh, don’t say that, Tendo-san. It’s really embarrassing.”

“Why would that be? I am complimenting you. Your skills are shockingly good.”

“No, my only forte is in playing that game…”

… Uwah, even the way they met was much better than mine. That’s right, the male and female main characters should meet that way, yup.