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However, no matter what, he had to take revenge!

“Once the new game is published, I will use the rest of the budget to make sure Teacher Qiao completes the game a hundred times. That would be the only way to dispel the hatred in my heart!”

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Pei Qian quietly looked down at the name in the second line of the notebook: Lin Wan.

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Before this, he had already decided to send Lin Wan to Shang Yang Games. Now was the best time.

Shang Yang Games’ current framework was quite complete. Between Ye Zhizhou’s creativity and Wang Xiaobin’s experienced planning, they were not lacking people-at least for now.

However, Wang Xiaobin was the chief systems designer after all. He was wearing multiple hats. The current framework was somewhat unreasonable.

Pei Qian’s main intention in sending Lin Wan in would be to allow her to experience how painful the life of a chief planner was. At the same time, he would introduce a bit of the Tengda Games’ spirit into Shang Yang Games.

The best outcome would be that Shang Yang Games failed—even after Lin Wan worked her behind off, day and night. Pei Qian wanted her to lose hope in the game industry and go home to take over her family business.

An average outcome would be that Lin Wan failed to achieve anything there. She could keep working hard, but Shang Yang Games would continue to incur losses. What’s more, Lin Wan would not be able to suddenly give Pei Qian a discount on rent. That would spare him a sudden heart attack.

The worst outcome would be that Lin Wan and Shang Yang Games both became popular for no reason. That would greatly boost her confidence.

However, Pei Qian thought that this was unlikely to happen.

At that thought, Pei Qian called Lin Wan into his office and briefly explained his plan. Unexpectedly, Lin Wan immediately shook her head and turned his offer down.