How to make money on the TV series online

How to make money on the TV series online

First, all the people that they had recruited just so happened to be slackers.

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That was too optimistic, and the chances of that being true were nearly zero. Pei Qian would not lie to himself.

Second, the people that they recruited had not been slackers, but the departments had influenced and nurtured them into slackers.

The chances of that being true were slightly higher.

However, therein lay the problem. Since the departments were filled with slackers now, and the new employees were being turned into slackers as well, why was Tengda Corporation still scaling new heights and achieving great successes?

Could it be that Tengda Corporation had reached a miraculous state where, even while everyone was slacking and working casually, the company could still continue to survive and improve?

That sounded ridiculous, but not completely unreasonable.

After all, that was what the Matthew Effect was about.

He had to think it through.

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Pei Qian spent two hours updating the question bank, including a few questions inside. He changed a few words and ended up changing the meaning of the entire question.

Once he was done, he handed the question bank over.

He did not have many hopes of dissuading people from joining the company using the Tengda Spirit compatibility test now. However, he could not give up so easily.

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Knock, knock.

There was a knock on the door, and Assistant Xin entered.

“Boss Pei, the Financial Observation segment of CCTV wants to do an episode on our company.

“The program wants to make use of Tengda Corporation’s slogan as its title, and so they’re asking me for permission. However, we don’t seem to have a slogan.

“Why don’t you think of one?”

Pei Qian, who had just finished uploading the questions for the Tengda Spirit compatibility test, turned to look at Assistant Xin. At once, his mind filled with question marks.

The Financial Observation segment?