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However, that did not seem to be the case on second thought.

The main point was that Ruan Guangjian’s original arts were truly amazing and convinced everyone on its own. Otherwise, none of these famous veterans would want to help him advertise for free.

Furthermore, the game truly had heart such that all in-game paywall options were cut off completely.

This was a company with so much heart that they had not even spent on advertising nor increased the game’s price. What was there to suspect about actions that were this righteous?

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Based on the current situation, the game was most likely going to make a huge loss. Casually helping to advertise would only be to delay its death.

Before long, the veterans in the group had already shared Ruan Guangjian’s Weibo and original arts.

Chen Qi had shared it as well, including a statement of his own.

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“This is the work of a friend in my group. I really like his style of original art that reinterprets the traditional characters of the three kingdoms. With a rich imagination, his style is definitely one of its own.”

“P.S. He seemed to have produced this for a game called Ghost General.”

Chen Qi did not introduce it overly. It was partly because he had a direct nature and truly wasn’t someone who was good at being superfluous and at the same time, he did not want others to feel that it was purely a commercial advertisement.

If he bragged too much about it, it would come across negatively instead.

The statement that he had shared on Weibo gave off the feeling of a casual mention just to share his friend’s work.

Of course, even though these artists were veterans of the industry, they honestly did not have that much followers.

Take Chen Qi for example. While he was in charge of art and concept design for large scale domestic games and had quite a number of widely accepted original arts works, his Weibo followers was only around the range of hundreds of thousands.