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She looked very happy, probably because her lord was praised.

After that, there were many things, such as chatting while listening to a live performance by a famous band in Orest, the appearance of a huge Christmas cake, and the emergency order of dishes because Ria ate too much. We had all around a really good time.

An hour passed since the start of the party.

「Well, let’s start the long awaited『Great Exchange』!」

The president, who went up to the stage in the far end of the large auditorium, loudly declared so.

At the same time, the curtain of the stage went up slowly, and a lot of presents appeared.

All of them were those brought by us.

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「That’s quite the number…」

The first years brought in 180 presents, which equates to, 540 presents from all students.

(It’s called a great exchange, but are they planning to allocate it…?)

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It takes a considerable amount of time to distribute them one by one.

「-First of all, everyone from Year 1 Class A, please gather in front of the stage.」

The president’s beautiful voice echoed through the hall.