Can I buy a football lottery online?

Can I buy a football lottery online?

There was no choice. After all, this was a world where looks mattered.

In short, the rules were fair. They had to depend on their own ability to emerge from the competition.

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The judges knew what to do and began to speak after tasting it.

“I think booth number three pancake is very good. The skin is crispy, and a bite of it leaves a fragrance. The cooking method is closer to the traditional method, but there are some personal innovations in it.”

“I think No. 7 is not bad. It’s mainly because the sauce and various ingredients for the side dishes are very particular. However, the sauce was not overbearing, it would allow one to taste the mixed grain noodles to the greatest extent. It would give people a refreshing feeling. At the same time, it would fit the dietary habits of modern people who need low calories...”

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The judges began to express their opinions and judge the pancakes from different angles.

If a certain stall owner’s pancake received good reviews from the judges, the emcee would interview the stall owner and ask him to briefly introduce the unique methods and secrets of his pancake. It would be considered as a further attempt to pull votes for himself.

In the end, the judges and audience would press the voting machine and vote for their favorite pancakes. The summarized scores in the backstage would automatically show the results according to the weighted rules, and the best pancakes would be selected based on the scores from high to low.

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Pei Qian subconsciously gulped as he watched the live-stream.

It actually looked quite tempting!

The photographer took close-up shots of the pancakes, and the sound of the pancakes making sizzling sounds was very appetizing.

The number of viewers in the live-stream increased.

“Holy sh*t, it looks so delicious! Am I hallucinating?”

“It’s quite formal. Luxury hotels, uniform chef uniforms, judges’ comments... These should all cause some psychological hints.”