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Ruan Guangjian was completely confounded.

His first reaction was that this game must still be in its testing stage. That must be why the draw chances were set wrongly and there was a high chance of drawing rare warriors.

However, it did not take long before the next most ridiculous thing came along.

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To Ruan Guangjian’s shock, he found out that the game’s shop only had a single purchasable item – a permanent membership card!

Players who do not purchase the membership card could only have a 10 draw daily while gamers who did could have two 10 draws.

Other than that, Ruan Guangjian found no other purchasable items nor were there any premium systems or the likes.

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In other words, while the game contained in-game purchase elements, the most one could spend was just 30 yuan! They couldn’t even top up more into the game if they wanted to!

“This... could this be because the game is in a testing stage and that’s why the functions are incomplete?”

“But that’s not right. Isn’t this the version that had already gotten through ESRO’s vetting process?”

Ruan Guangjian felt that something was wrong.

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If the creators wanted to update the game or fix any bugs, they would have to apply to ESRO for a new vetting process.

Besides, there was a limited number of times that one could apply for a vet monthly and they couldn’t repeat it endlessly so that ESRO’s staff would not have their time wasted.

Usually, it would be the actual version of the game that was submitted for the vetting process and there shouldn’t be fundamental issues as such!

After all, the game would be published on the official shop after it was approved so that gamers could see and purchase it.

Out of responsibility for the gamers, the creators should not be changing the contents of the game incessantly as well.