Can the online song hall make money?

Can the online song hall make money?

“Phew, games are amazing, Konoha! Well then, we were talking about going to the amusement park together, right? Uwah, I’m looking forward to it!”

“Your happiness just went from 0 to 100 real fast, even I’m freaking out! Sis are games already like drugs to you!”

“I-I can quit it whenever I wish! Yes!”

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“That’s precisely what an addict would say! W-Whatever, let’s continue.”

Konoha cleared her throat before continuing.

“Like I’ve said before, the only reason that I’m pairing with sis is just to venture for exploration before the “actual” plan.”

“The actual plan? What are you talking about…”

After I tilted my head, Konoha puffed up her plumpy chest and announced generously.

“Of course, I’m exploring since I wanted to go on a “legitimate” date with Amano-senpai.”


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I was speechless with a totally unexpected response. Konoha then crossed her legs on the bed again and even gave me a provocative look.

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“I’m different from sis. I’m not in the least bit willing to miss the chance or let go of each other. I’ll charge straight towards something that I’ve made up my mind with.”

“Eh? K-Konoha, …you love Keita?”

I asked with a rapidly beating heart. After Konoha heard my question, …her strong will disappeared for some reason and answered me slackly.

“Who knows? I’m not too sure either.”