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As I expected, it wouldn’t be possible to ask her something like: ‘Since the dorms are pretty close by, would you like to talk about this in my room?’

Moreover, I can’t suggest something like going to Mii-chan’s room instead.

“What do you want to do?”

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Instead of making the decision myself, I decided to just let Mii-chan choose where we go from here.

After a little thought, Mii-chan suggested a location.

“How about the cafe… if that’s alright with you? Though we might be somewhat late in heading back home afterward.”

Since she herself wanted to go to the cafe, I didn’t have any particular reason to decline.

Even if I’ll be a little late getting back, the walk only makes a difference of 5 to 10 minutes, which isn’t a big deal. Following Mii-chan’s suggestion, we headed off to Keyaki Mall’s cafe. Though, we’re just two people who don’t know each other very well. We ended up walking somewhat of a distance away from each other instead of side-by-side.

(Introduction End)

As popular a location as ever, we arrived at the thriving cafe.

Even if I’m somewhat lacking in common sense, as an ordinary high school student, I’m able to understand something like this now.

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This cafe is a branch location for a super-major company outside of the school, particularly popular among girls in the social world. Outside of here, the price per cup is expensive for high school students, so it’s not something they could afford to be drinking very often. For a high school student who isn’t working at least part-time, they’d only be able to afford coming here a few times every month. However, because students at this school receive ‘money’ corresponding to how many class points they have, many students can afford to come here as long as they aren’t in a particularly dire financial situation.

Due to that, it’s inevitable that the cafe would be thriving every day.

Though, it wasn’t so full that we were unable to find a place to sit. We ended up taking a pair of seats facing one another. Mii-chan never tried to match my line of sight. Instead, she stared at the cup of coffee I had ordered that I was holding in my hands. I suppose she and Airi are similar girls. If I inadvertently pressure her too much, it might make it harder for her to say what’s on her mind. I decided not to break the ice and waited for Mii-chan to initiate the conversation.

Meanwhile, I told her I was going to get up for a second and get some sugar from the counter.

There, I took a single pack of sugar.

Without letting my eyes wander, I confirmed that Hashimoto had also come to the cafe.