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What is the place to make money online?

For the time being, considering the possibility that my thoughts might be out of line, I asked the people who had gathered just in case, but everyone was amazed and let out a sigh of disgust.

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“Shut up, it’s an idea that’s beyond the reach of a lowlife like you! Besides, it’s not right that you won the tournament and got Kron!”

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“Or rather…… won the tournament and Kron…”

“Look here, I want to experience my first time with Kron in a beautiful body! I’m pure! It’s pure love! Like hell will I give it to a bastard like you!”

In the first place, it wasn’t officially stated that winning the tournament would mean I get Kron.

Sure enough, most of the people in the crowd are tilting their heads. Except for the sisters.

But apparently they knew about the supplementary prize.

“Wait, didn’t you say you would marry the José girls there… if you win the tournament? “

“That’s right! I’m going to marry them after I win the tournament and get Kron!”

“…… huh?

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“Because my first wife will be Kron! And I’m going to marry all the others at the same time, so that’s fine!”

“Ah~… no good. I took him a bit seriously, but I don’t get it.”