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The audience stood up and could not wait to share their feelings with their companions.

“That’s awesome! The special effects of domestic sci-fi movies can actually be done to such an extent? It’s really comparable to a Hollywood blockbuster! I was dazzled the entire time. There was no scene at all!”

“Indeed, Tengda’s films are awesome! They will never disappoint!”

“It’s not too much to invest a few hundred million yuan into this film, right? It’s a pity that there’s not enough publicity and the screening schedule is not high.”

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“It doesn’t matter. Would a film of this quality not be popular?”

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“In the end, Qin Yi’s handling was really too good. I thought it was a cliché plot of different species shaking hands and building a beautiful universe together. I’m comfortable!”

“Your acting is not bad. I feel like Boss Pei has a manual to use. It was a toxicity in the box office previously. Now, your acting skills have improved visibly. It really feels like you’re a movie king!”

The audience was full of praise. Obviously, the actual effect of this movie far exceeded their expectations!

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Even though the audience came to watch the movie for various reasons, most of them did not have unrealistic expectations.

Everyone knew very well what the state of domestically-produced sci-fi movies were in. If the producers of Mission and Choice were not Tengda but some other company, even if they were some very rich big company, the audience would not come to watch midnight shows as lab rats.

That was because no other company could obtain as much trust as Tengda.

What’s more, there wasn’t much publicity for the movie to begin with. Most viewers thought that it might be a “small but beautiful” movie. In other words, it would have many merits but also obvious shortcomings.

However, they realized that it was not the case at all after watching the movie. This movie had far exceeded everyone’s expectations in every aspect!

This mentality had indirectly raised the audience’s evaluation of Mission and Choice.

This was just like going to a restaurant for a meal. If it was a restaurant with high praises on the internet, customers might feel that it was not only famous but also hard to forget. However, if it was a nameless restaurant in an alley, customers would definitely be very surprised and unforgettable even if they tasted similar!

Lu Xiaoping and the person-in-charge of the announcement of the Greyhound did not stand up immediately with the other audience. Instead, they fell into silence.