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Polishing his fingernails, Kouenji then blew on his fingertips.

"Are you scared of losing to me? Well, after seeing a value like this it's understandable".

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He made such a cheap provocation, but it appears Kouenji has no intention of responding to him as he did not turn to look at him.

"Tch...hey, Ayanokouji".

Since I was beside Sudou, I was forcibly handed the grip strength measuring instrument.

"No, I can do it later".

"Huh? You too? Don't fuck around. Do it in order".

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I'd rather not be told that by Sudou who forcibly stole the turn for himself but certainly if we're going in this order then next up would be me. However, to think the second person to be measured would be me.....I know Sudou's 82.4 kg is a considerably high value but I wonder what the average would be for a 1st year high school student?

I've gripped hundreds of thousands of such measuring instruments in the past, but I've never before heard what the average is for those of my generation. Because nothing except my personal records were kept.

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"Hey, Sudou. About how much would be the average for a high school student?".

"Huh? I don't know. Shouldn't it be around 60?".

"60, huh....?".