Is Xiao Xiao online part-time to make money?

Is Xiao Xiao online part-time to make money?

However, Bao Xu did not pay much attention to it. He continued to follow Liang Qingfan to work on the snack market.

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After calling Bao Xu, Xia Jiang called the current person-in-charge of Tengda Games, Hu Xianbin, to understand the situation.

She asked about the ‘classic domestically-produced games collection’ in detail.

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“The plan for this classic domestically-produced game collection was not Boss Pei’s idea but the new head of the marketing department, Meng Chang’s idea?”

“This Meng Chang is actually the Meng Chang who bankrupted the Cold-Faced Lady previously...”

After understanding this information, Xia Jiang suddenly found a perfect candidate for the interview.

Wouldn’t it be perfect to interview Meng Chang?

From a certain perspective, Meng Chang seemed to be the same type of person as Qiu Hong. There were many similarities, but Meng Chang’s situation was much more complicated than Qiu Hong’s.

Why did Meng Chang choose to join Tengda after failing to create the Cold-Faced Lady and also start to work on the publicity of domestically-produced games?

Xia Jiang still remembered the Tengda employees that she had interviewed previously, including Huang Sibo, Bao Xu, and the others. They all had one thing in common: they were basically all grassroots. Some were basic game designers who earned one or two thousand yuan a month, while others were internet addicts who frequented internet cafes.

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When these people joined Tengda, the company was still in its initial stages. Under Boss Pei’s nurturing, they all became Tengda’s pillars.

After Tengda expanded, Boss Pei seemed to have cast his sights on people like Qiu Hong and Meng Chang, who had achieved certain results in the related fields but had gone astray. He wanted to recruit them for his own use.

Did this mean that Boss Pei’s way of using people had changed as the company developed?

Xia Jiang immediately decided to interview Meng Chang!

What’s more, she had also thought about how to help Boss Pei.

She would first release the exclusive interview about the incubation base and Qiu Hong. Then, she would publicize the release of Black Ink and Clouds.

Then, she would upload Meng Chang’s interview and publicize the story behind the “classic domestically-produced game collection”.

In the end, she would add “Black Ink and Clouds” into the “classic domestically-produced game collection”, maxing out the hints!

If the two interviews were separated, gamers might not realize anything. However, if the two interviews were released one after another and Black Ink and Clouds joined the compilation, gamers would definitely be able to get this hint, right?