Where is online to make a regular platform?

Where is online to make a regular platform?

Then, Nina-senpai gave me a shy smile before answering.

“It’s because I love it. I love it to the point that I won’t feel regret to sacrifice something for it.”


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“It’s regretful now that I’m thinking of it, an ordinary person like me can only get so many resources. I’m not strong enough to grasp everything in my hand. So, if I wanted to chase after the things that I liked sincerely, I’ll more or less realize the costs that come with it.”

“…So, the reason that senpai likes gaming so much is it because you’re talented in fighting games after all?”

Nina-senpai laughed loudly at my answer.

“Not at all. I think I’m not talented at all. The evidence is that my win rate is horribly low when a new game comes out, I can’t even bring myself to look at it.”

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“Then, why will senpai…”

“I said it already. It’s because I love it.”

Nina-senpai answered firmly. For some reason, her face reminded me of Amano and Aguri.

“If you wish to get 1st place of something you love, is talent really all that important?”

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