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After the call had ended, Kamuro spoke up.

“Is this Kushida person really the type who’d help get someone expelled?”

“If someone approached her, sobbing, begging for her help, there’s no way she wouldn’t lend a hand. Be that as it may, it’s important to have a way with words in order to get as many supporters as possible, and Kushida-san seems to have quite the silver tongue.”

Taking hold of her queen in one hand, Sakayanagi looked at Kamuro.

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“What do you think will happen next?”

“If it keeps going on like this, Ayanokōji will amass censure votes and get expelled from school… but, if he’s as powerful as you say he is, won’t he do something about it?”

“Even if he doesn’t know that he’s personally being targeted?”

“He doesn’t know about the strategy, though.”

“He’s always on guard. Putting aside whether or not he knows he’s being targeted, if you were to consider the reality of this exam, you wouldn’t be able to rule out the possibility that you may ultimately be voted for. That being the case, you should be putting in the effort to come up with countermeasures ahead of time.”

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“…What do you mean by countermeasures?”

“Just prove to everyone that somebody else is a hindrance to the success of the class. Whatever the reason, the more incompetent this somebody is, the better the result.”

Sakayanagi momentarily envisioned the spectacle that may take place within Class C in the near future.

“Yamauchi-kun, for example, is colluding with me to have one of his own classmates ostracized and expelled. If this were to come to light, I imagine that he’d fill the role perfectly.”