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She acknowledged everything that makes me, including my hopeless side.

I can’t believe someone like this exists in the world. Is this love? In this case, I can understand why those couples always do stupid things in public.

I…I’ll be useless if this continues! I’ll be a worthless person! So, I can’t be spoiled here!

Although I don’t want to be spoiled, …what should I do? I’m so happy that it hurts. I’m about to cry. Sorry, I lied. I already cried a little, but I wiped my tears right away.

Just as I’m twisting my body disgustingly, Tendou-san observed me. She looks sincerely confused.

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“Hmm? Eh? What’s wrong, Amano-kun? Your face looks really red?”

It looks like this girl doesn’t know how destructive what she just said is. I’m regretting over me being the only one embarrassed. I can’t help but hide my face behind my arms and answer rudely.

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“Tck…! T-That’s why I don’t like natural tryhards! Do you even know how to spell ‘embarrassment’ correctly!? I can’t believe you can say something so embarrassing…!”


Then, after hearing that, Tendou-san retorted angrily as usual.

“What was that!? Tryhards!? You want a fight? Are we fighting now!?”

“No, we aren’t. By the way, Tendou-san immediately switched to your combat stance.”

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I can’t help but say what I sincerely think after seeing her childish reaction. However, I think this pissed her off even more. Tendou-san asked furiously.

“Ha!? You picked a fight, and yet you say things like that!? Ah, sheesh, that’s why filthy casuals that pretend to be mature while misunderstanding things are-“

“I can’t just pretend I didn’t hear that. We’re much better than people that immediately fight after eye contact. You aren’t a Pokemon trainer, right?”