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"Sure thing".

However, as if to dispel such anxieties, Kushida accepted with a smile.

"But how unusual, for Ayanokouji-kun to invite me out".

"That may be so. By the way, Horikita will also be coming along".

I reined in Horikita with my hand as she voiced her complaints.

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"Sure, I don't mind that at all.....but what do you mean by the morning only?".

"Including Kushida, who's familiar with information on the other classes, I want to once again conduct reconnaissance on the enemy is what I thought. I was invited to do so by Horikita but there are many things I don't know".

I honestly informed Kushida of what I was thinking. However, the part about Horikita alone was an improvisation.

As long as I intend to ask her to accompany me, it won't succeed unless I tell her the truth and Kushida also needs to understand her role.

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After finishing with the conversation, as though she were convinced, Kushida repeatedly nods.

"I might be the most suitable one for that. Yeah, roger. What time would be good? The earlier it is, the better, right?".

"That's right. If possible, something like around 10 o'clock? Is that fine?".

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"Completely fine. Then tomorrow we'll meet up in the dorm's lobby?".

"Yeah, thank you".

It appears Kushida had promised to go back with her friends as she left while waving her hand towards the girls waiting in the corridor. As I moved to do the same and go back, Horikita grabs hold of my back.

"What are you on about? I never heard about this".

"Of course, because I never told you about it. But reconnaissance isn't such a bad thing, right?".