How to do handmade online

How to do handmade online

And as I held onto my Seigan no Kamae,

「Naa, Allen… I’m getting tired of this ordinary sword fight.」

Rain suddenly brought up something strange.

「…What do you mean?」

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「Nothing much. I’m going to gear up by one. -Water Raiment」

At that moment, clear water thinly covered his blade.

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『Gear up』was a comparatively smaller change than I anticipated.

(But the other party is one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle… Don’t let your guard down.)

As I braced myself,

「I’ll give you one piece of advice. No matter what, don’t make a mistake.」

Rain gave a piece of advice I couldn’t understand.

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「Well, you’ll know if you look at this.」he said, and slowly ran the sword clad in water on the surface of the floor.

The long sword sliced through the floor as though cutting tofu.


「Do you understand now? The flow of water covering my blade is an ultra-high pressure water current compressed with spiritual power. Your cheap-looking sword won’t be able to stop it.」

「…Thank you for your kind consideration.」

After finishing the demonstration, Rain cracked his neck.

「Let’s start the second round.」