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Boss Pei attached so much importance to this project, having handed over 10 million yuan to him after all. He definitely could not disappoint Boss Pei.

Chen Kangtuo thought for a while and said, “I’ll post some job postings online from tomorrow. We’ll recruit some people with relevant experience, contact a construction company, and come up with a design plan by hook or crook.”

Hao Qiong nodded. “Okay, there are some ready-made art materials from Be Quiet and the materials we collected previously when playing the horror games. We can consider using it in the design of the haunted house…”

The two of them discussed the details of the project while drinking coffee.

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You don’t say. A framework emerged from the haunted house project during the discussions.

However, both of them felt that something was still missing despite coming up with all sorts of problems. They felt that their conversation was not that practical.

Chen Kangtuo frowned and thought hard. “What exactly are we missing?”

Hao Qiong thought about it for a long time before he suddenly slapped the back of his head in realization. “I know! We are missing the guidance of Boss Pei!

“We can leave out anything else, but Boss Pei’s guidance is absolutely indispensable! “I don’t know if you remember, but most projects in Tengda succeed because of Boss Pei’s planning. Boss Pei simply pointed out a few simple directions most of the time, but we can definitely find the right path as long as we continue in his direction!

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“Boss Pei has yet to issue us any guidance for the haunted house project so far. We have to first figure out Boss Pei’s attitude towards this project before we can decide on a specific

Realization dawned upon Chen Kangtuo. “That’s it!”

He had never been in-charge before. Boss Pei had always issued the tasks via Li Yada which was why Chen Kangtuo had never considered such issues.

Fortunately, Hao Qiong had heard from Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin about the standard process for understanding Boss Pei. Only then was he able to keenly discover this blind spot.

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“In short, let’s do the preparatory work, hire more people, or request for more people from Boss Pei. After that, let’s find an opportunity to ask Boss Pei his views on this project.

“The success rate of this project could be greatly improved if we can understand Boss Pei’s intentions!”

The originally confusing project seemed to have a vague direction after the discussion between them.

The general direction was the guidance of Boss Pei.