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“I have to say that this game’s English version is really not bad. I took a quick look at it. The important parts were translated very appropriately and accurately. It brings out the meaning of the original game very nicely as well. The developer is kind indeed; they pay so much attention to the details. I’ll give it a good rating!”

“I was never interested in traditional Chinese culture, but this game has got me hooked!”

“The UP Master has completed the game several times already. I don’t think this game will be a problem for me!”

Many players were also posting good reviews about the game on the official platform’s overseas channels and various overseas forums and websites.

It looked like the foreign versions of Repent and be Saved were doing well!

Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd…

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Li Yada had been keeping an eye on the foreign websites’ figures. The more she observed, the more emotional she became.

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“I did not expect the foreign websites’ figures to be even better than the local ones. Boss Pei is awesome!”

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Li Yada was utterly impressed.

The official platform had helped Tengda produce Repent and be Saved in multiple foreign languages. Even though the translations were top-quality, Li Yada could not be a hundred percent certain that the game would catch on overseas.

The reason was simple—the cultural gap was too wide!

The local games market was worlds apart from the overseas games market. Many games that were popular in China failed overseas. No matter how hard other developers tried to market their games, it almost always proved useless.

On the other hand, games that were completely unheard of in China became extremely popular overseas.

Thus, developers who focused especially on the overseas market began emerging in China. They worked hard to understand foreign gamers’ interests and were put in charge of acclimatizing local games to overseas culture. In fact, this line of work was quite profitable.

The ‘acclimatization’ process covered style, gameplay, the game’s details, marketing techniques, and other aspects. It involved a holistic alteration of the local game’s design so that it could suit the tastes of foreign gamers.

Sometimes, in order to achieve greater success, developers would change the entire setting of the game and adopt a Western style that would look more pleasing to the foreigner’s eye.