2018 is the hottest online

2018 is the hottest online

It’s a stunning record that was 0.3 seconds less than the average for first-year students.

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She happily did the guts pose and returned to the place that she was standing before.

「A good record right from the start, this is a good sign! Well then, next – Rose-Valencia!」

Rose-san briskly moved to the front of the bamboo – and suddenly dropped her center of gravity.

「Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style – Lightning Sakura! 」

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Then the next moment – a thunderclap-like flash ran through our sight, and the bamboo was bisected magnificently.

From the fact that splits ran across the two divided bamboo, you can imagine how powerful that move was.

「-0.3seconds. Magnificent!」

The students around us were very worried about the new record, which was 0.2 seconds less than Ria’s record.

「Fufu… it’s my win.」


Rose-san with a triumphant look, and Ria with a frustrated look.