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Yes, all of my safety measures are working!

What are the netizens saying? Wait and see? Tengda would reduce the rent and change its regulations if no one rents the apartments?

Young man, you’re imagining things!

Boss Pei is calling the shots! Boss Pei could not be happier if nobody rents the apartments. Why would I reduce rent? Impossible!

Pei Qian felt a lot more at ease. This time, things were finally developing as he expected.

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Strictly speaking, Sloth Apartments’ rent was not so expensive that the working class could not afford it. However, consumers ultimately decided based on relative prices compared with competitors, and not each business’s absolute price.

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Someone with a 5,000-yuan salary would definitely say that they ‘would not be able to afford the rent’ if the option was 1,500 or 2,000 yuan. However, they would definitely compare.

Sloth Apartments’ direct competitor now was the new ‘Safe House’ by Home Corporation.

Home Corporation was the most influential housing agency locally. Many people would choose Home Corporation’s houses brainlessly because there was less possibility of this company cheating them.

Two years ago, Home Corporation saw the demand for living conditions by young people increase. They, therefore, rolled out the Safe House initiative which was to sign up older and more run-down houses with the landlords, renovate themselves, and increase the rent for their clients.

These houses were rather good overall, be it the renovations or the furnishings. It might be slightly more expensive than other houses, but the comfort it provided meant that this industry developed rather well.

Compared to Sloth Apartments, the Safe House from Home Corporation might not be as good in renovations. However, it did not have so many rules, and its pricing was much cheaper. In the eyes of normal salarymen, it was obviously better suited for the public.

An increment of monthly rental from 1,500 yuan to 2,000 yuan meant an extra 6,000 yuan expense on rental per year. It was enough to buy a new cell phone. That difference was still rather obvious to most people.