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Even though it was still early morning, Ryuuen understands well the risk I'm taking.

He's never even once thought, from the start, that this conversation held no meaning.

"Speaking of which, I saw you yesterday. And also, elsewhere, I saw Ishizaki and the others".

It also served as evidence that Ryuuen had indeed resigned as leader as he had declared. I cannot rule out the possibility of it being faked, but after seeing Ishizaki and the others, that's not possible. In the first place, there's no advantage to them in making it seem that way to me.

"Are you happy that you were able to prevent me from dropping out of school like you intended?".

"I was impressed. Even though you're alone now, you didn't end up secluding yourself away inside your room".

"I'm free to do whatever I want wherever I want. Or, do you succumb to anxiety whenever you see me? Because you don't know when, with what timing, I'll decide on revenge".

"And I'll regret it then, huh? That I didn't expel you".

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Ryuuen places a leg on the bench beside the one I'm sitting on, and boldly sweeps the snow off it. Then, he firmly sat down on it.

"If possible I'd like you to hold off on that. It's for the sake of a peaceful school life as well too, but it's also a bother to fight against you".

If I play along with Ryuuen's methods, it'll tire me out more than necessary.

Beaten down by his persistence, I can imagine the state of the ones who had fallen under Ryuuen's umbrella.